New style preview and pre-orders for Alden on Madison.

This is where we list new styles and special make ups.  If you see a style you are interested in, please email the store with your name, contact info, and size.  We will  contact customers in list order as the shoes arrive.  Pre-paying for the shoes jumps you to the front of the wait list.  Odd sizes may require deposit or payment in full.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns



Slip On Chukka Boot

  • Snuff Suede
  • Aberdeen last
  • Antique edging
  • Flat Welt (closed at heel)
  • Commando Sole



Unlined Cap Toe Blucher

  • Brown Chromexcel
  • Barrie last
  • Flex leather sole



Snuff Suede NST Loafer   (Fall 2018)

  • Snuff Suede
  • Grant Last
  • Antique Edging  (picture shows black)
  • Flex leather sole

Image result for alden norwegian loafer


Snuff Suede Indy Boot  (Fall 2018)

  • Truebalance last
  • Commando Sole
  • Speed Hook lacing
  • Brown Eyelets to match




6 Eye NST Chukka Boot    (Late Summer 2018)

  • Color 8 Shell
  • “Tanker” Front
  • Antique Edging
  • Commando Sole
  • Barrie Last


Color 8 Medallion Cap Toe Oxford   (Fall 2018)

  • Like Style 9841
  • Color 8 Shell Cordovan
  • Hampton Last
  • Single leather sole